The Alcohol and Drug Foundation NSW

Operates as a charitable, not-for-profit organisation, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation NSW is funded by private donations, the Department of Health and Ageing, NSW Health and Sydney South West Area Health Service.

Established in 1957, the Foundation’s milestones are:

1959Established the Langton Clinic, the first public hospital in Australia devoted exclusively to the treatment of alcoholism.
1960Convened the first National Conference on Alcoholism at the University of New South Wales
1961Influenced the Government to establish a special unit for alcoholism treatment in a NSW public hospital. This unit continued its valuable treatment until 1973 when the increase of other facilities took over.
1970Organised the 29th Annual Conference on Alcohol and Drug Dependence in Sydney, attracting delegates from 26 countries.
1975The Cyrenian House network was implemented as an alternative to the traditional institutional approach to substance abuse. This would grow to include DIGS Cyrenian in Stanmore, Marty House in Glebe, Cyrenian House in Surry Hills and Camperdown Lodge.
1977Established the Industrial Program Services which specialised in consultancy, training and counselling services through Employee Assistance programs in NSW
1978Acquired the trusteeship of The Station, a drop-in service for homeless people.
1980Cooperated in the organisation of the first Pan-Pacific Conference on Drugs and Alcohol.
1981The Station began operation of Radio Skid Row, a community welfare radio station.
1986With the national Alcohol and Drug Foundation, co-sponsored a symposium, Early Detection and Intervention for Persons with Harmful Alcohol and Drug Use, an international study under the auspices of the World Health Organisation.
1991Kathleen York House was established to cater to the needs of women suffering from substance abuse.
1994Cooperated with the Centre for Drug and Alcohol Studies and the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, to host an international conference on Biological Markers for Alcohol.
2004Established an Aftercare service to provide counselling and education to people who have completed a rehabilitation program.
2006Extended the existing program at Kathleen York House to a 24 hour program and redesigned the Cyrenian House program to reflect current community needs.