Admission Criteria

Kathleen York House supports women who are seeking abstinence based treatment after a long history of harmful substance dependence. We admit women over 21, without children or with children under 12. Many of our clients have also been diagnosed with mental health disorders.

For our program to be successful, each potential client is thoroughly assessed to ensure suitability to our treatment program. You will need to be at least seven days abstinent and at no risk of withdrawal symptoms upon admission.

You are eligible for admission to Kathleen York House if you:

Our clients must be able to pay two weeks’ rent and be prepared to sign an agreement to follow our program structure, guidelines and house rules.

We are unable to admit women on methadone or buprenorphine.

How to be assessed for admission

If you are interested in our program, the first step is to phone us on (02) 9660 5818.

Our staff will:

When you are offered a place, you’ll need to arrange childcare or school attendance during program hours.


We are a small not-for-profit charity. Donations are tax-deductible and will directly help our clients.


We offer a supportive and therapeutic environment to women who may be socially marginalised by substance abuse.


Call us on (02) 9660 5818 or
send an email:
P O Box 285
Glebe NSW 2037